BADMINTON (updated August 2020)




Competitions are played in three (3) Divisions

-       Open 1st, Open 2nd, and Under 15 Divisions.


Games are to be played on a standard Badminton court using approved racquets and feathered shuttles.


Teams are to consist of 4 players and up to 2 Reserves.


As per the Zone rules, players are only allowed to play in one match per day. If this rule is breached the offending player will create a forfeit in the lower grade/age match.



- Each team will be made up of 4 players, with one or more reserves. Such players will be seeded from 1 to 6 (or further if required) according to ability.

- Before the commencement of the competition, lists of names, with seedings, will be forwarded to the convenor. Seedings must be submitted before the start of the competition (or the date communicated to Sports Coordinators).

- Seedings will remain the same throughout the entire season.

- If a player is absent (or not playing that week), each player will move up in seedings for that week only i.e. if the 1st seed is absent, the 2nd seed will become the 1st seed, the 3rd seed will become the 2nd seed and so on.


  • A Match will be 4 Singles games and 2 Doubles games. 
  • Each Game will be decided as a Best of 1 set. 
  • Each Set will be decided by the first to 21 points, provided that where the score is 20 all, the winning margin must be two points and where the score reaches 29 all, the 30th point wins the set.
  • Players change ends after 11 points in each set.


Determining the Winner

The Match winner in each Division will be the team which has scored the most Game wins. 

If the Game Score is 3 all, then the winner will be the team which has won the most points across all games.

If total points are equal:

-          The Match will be declared a draw

-          In Semi-finals – the highest placed team will progress to the Grand Final

-          In Grand Finals – teams will be declared joint premiers.


Games are to be played under the normal rules for Badminton.  For a full description of the Rules see:https://system.bwfbadminton.com/documents/folder_1_81/Regulations/Laws/Part%20II%20Section%201A%20-%20Laws%20of%20Badminton%20-%20June%202016%20Revised%202.pdf