1. Each team must have 6 players on the court with as many substitute players as is desired off the court
  2. All players must be properly attired in their school sports uniform
  3. No player may play in more than one game on the day (ie. A player may not play in both 14s and 15s or in both 2nd grade and 1st grade)
  4. Winner of toss may choose either to serve/receive or to choose the end, with the loser of the toss to choose the remaining option
  5. Best of three sets is played with the first two sets played up to 25 (if score reaches 24 all, play is continued until one team leads by two). Third set is played up to 15 (if score reaches 14 all, play is continued until one team leads by two)
  6. Teams change ends at beginning of 2nd set, beginning of 3rd set and when one team reaches a score of 8 in the 3rd set
  7. Each team is entitled to request a maximum of two time outs and six player substitutions per set
  8. A service fault will be called when the server’s foot touches/crosses the service line. A fault will be called when a player’s foot at the net penetrates completely into the opponent’s court
  9. During the home and away season, home coach is head referee with opposition coach assisting on opposite side of court. For semis and finals external referees are organised by the Zone Convener
  10. At venues where there is no electronic scoring system, only team captains may ask referee for a scorecheck.




For a full set of the Australian rules of volleyball, go to www.avf.org.au