(updated August 2020)



All the general rules of the game are to be adhered to.


A copy of the hockey rules can be located at this link:


FIH Hockey Rules 2019


General Playing Rules:

- Each team consists of 11 players, but no less than 7 at any point.

- Interchange is unlimited, but must be made from half way at any time in play.

- As per the Zone rules, players are only allowed to play in one match per day. If this rule is breached the offending player will create a forfeit in the lower grade/age match.


Sport Specific Safety Rules: (sourced from NSW Govt School Sport Safety Guidelines).



- Each team must supply a fully protected goal keeper wearing a suitable helmet with face guard, chest protector, groin protector, protective pads and kickers.

- A correctly fitted mouthguard is mandatory and must be worn during interschool competition.

- Shin pads are mandatory and must be worn during interschool competition.

- Equipment must be checked prior to use and not used if defective. Wooden sticks with splits must not be used.

- No hard peak caps are permitted. Students should wear soft peak caps only.



The ground surface must be free of obstructions and loose objects and be of a standard fit for play. 



Where an adult other than a teacher is engaged to provide instruction, a teacher must be present to take overall responsibility. It is recommended that qualified officials be used for inter-school competitions.


Match duration:

1st grade:        25 minutes each way

Under 15s:       25 minutes each way