Hockey (updated June 2017)



All the general rules of the game are to be adhered to.  A copy of the Laws can be located at


Zone Specific Playing Rules

Each team consists of 11 players, but no less than 7 at any point.

Interchange is unlimited, but must be made from half way at any time in play.

Each team must supply a fully protected goal keeper in order to take the field.

Shin guards and Mouth Guards must be worn by all players for the duration of the game. Any player not wearing shin guards or a mouth guard will not be permitted to play.

As per the Zone rules players are only allowed to play in one match per day. In the situation that a team is short of the 11 players to start the game they may be made up of eligible players who have played in a previous game only up to 11 players and no substitutions are allowed to occur unless there is an injury to a player who cannot return to the field of player for the remainder of the game. If this rule is breached the offending player will create a forfeit for the offending team.

Backstick Tomahawks are banned when shooting at the goal in all CHS sanctioned game.

Playing a ball above head height is allowed so long as it doesn’t create a dangerous situation.

Coaches/managers should make sure that the playing surface is safe and that the field is marked appropriately before the commencement of the game.

Times for matches

 Senior:              25 minutes each way

Junior:                 25 minutes each way