WATER POLO (updated July 2018)


WPA and WPNSW have decided to revert back to the FINA rules as at January 1 2017 and as such will be reflected in the NWMHSSA Water Polo Competition. FINA rules can be found at the following website:           


Opens and 15 Years: Up to 13 players per team (7 in the water), playing with a size 5 ball.


14 Years: Up to 13 players per team (7 in the water), playing with a size 4 ball. *NOTE: The latest update on the WPA website states that U14 competitions will be playing the current modified rules up until the National Championships (April 2017), at which time WPA would work towards a solution. No further updates have been posted, however to enable U14 players to learn the game for older divisions, the NWMHSSA 14 Years competition will play with the previously stated rules.


The following exceptions will apply to the aforementioned rules:


- In the event that a team does not have seven players to constitute a team, exceptions can be made to play with less players pending approval from the convener and upon discussion with the opposing coach. If a team plays with less players, the opposing team will match the number of players e.g. If team A has five players, team B will also play with five players.

- Boys are to play in the age group according to how old they will turn in the year

following the commencement of the competition. For example a boy who turned 14 in the year the competition begins is to play in the under 15’s competition.

- There will be no ‘Time Outs’ allowed in any game.

- Players sent to the ‘sin bin’ for a 20 second eviction must do so without delay. The ‘sin bin’ is located in the team’s corner OPPOSITE the referee.

- Under no circumstances is any player to approach the referee during the game or between quarters. Such behaviour can lead to the player being expelled from the venue.

- The 30 second shot clock will only be implemented if both coaches agree and have a reliable time keeper. However it will be enforced during finals.

-  In the event of a draw at full time zone rules will apply; no extra time played.

-  The break between each quarter is to be a maximum of 2 minutes, strictly enforced. Any team that delays the start of a quarter may be penalised by the referee.

- ALL GAMES MUST END SO THE NEXT GAME CAN START ON TIME. If a game is delayed it must be shortened to allow the next game to start on time. If necessary games should be reduced to two halves if there is a significant delay.


  • 14 years 4 x 4 minute quarters.
  • 15 years/2nd Grade 4 x 5 minute quarters.
  • 1stGrade 4 x 6 minute quarters.


- Where possible, schools are required to wear caps in their school colour. If this is not possible, the first mentioned team on the draw wears white caps and the second mentioned team on the draw wears blue caps.


Ashfield Boys - Black

Asquith Boys – White

Epping Boys – Gold

Homebush Boys – Sky Blue

Normanhurst Boys – Red

North Sydney Boys - Maroon

Randwick – Green



Starting Times & Venue Information

 Matches at all venues will commence at 1pm, unless otherwise stated. Students must wait outside the venue until their teacher arrives. For venue addresses, please see


  • Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre- Games will be in the Water Polo pool.
  • Hornsby Aquatic and Leisure Centre - Games will in the deep end of the outdoor 50m pool. Students are not to warm up in the other end of the pool.
  • Knox Aquatic Centre – Players and staff will need to enter via the Aquatics entrance. School security has ask the boys not to walk behind the school (driveway next the sport field and the railway line). Please remind players that they are not to enter the pool until the supervising staff arrives. Knox 1 is the pool closest to the office and LTS pool.

Knox 2 is the pool closest to the train line.

  • Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre - No one will be permitted to enter the venue until 12:45pm. No student is to enter the water until 1pm. Games will be in the utility pool. Students are not to use the diving boards or practice mats. Students are only allowed in the hired utility pool areas, no other parts of SOPAC. After 2pm, only SOPAC 1 will be used as the south pool will be used for Diving.

SOPAC 1 is the north pool, which is closest to the 50m pool

SOPAC 2 is the south pool, which is closest to the diving boards



  • Auburn – players: $6, spectators: $3.80
  • Hornsby - $5
  • Knox – no fee
  • SOPAC – players and spectators: $4.50


Tony Nelson

Water Polo Convener